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Beginner & Advanced Levels!

Rock Band at Rock 'n Roll High School 
$50 per lesson
  • 60-minute lesson consisting of instrument instruction and onstage band rehearsals
  • Beginner Rock Band (Ages 10+) for students new to playing in a band
  • Intermediate and Advanced Rock Band (Ages 10+) for students who already have some chops and previous experience rocking out
  • All Rock Band classes take place during the week between 6:00-7:00PM or 7:00-8:00PM
  • Instrument choices include guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and vocals
  • Students learn how to rehearse and make decisions as a band while making friends!
  • Live concerts on stage for family and friends to attend
  • No contracts or commitments!
Don't wait to begin!
REGISTER NOW to start your rock star journey!
Calendar year 2023-2024 starts on Monday, August 28, 2023!

Our yearly calendar runs from August to May/June.

We hold 2 Summer Sessions between June and July, and then our year starts over. 

A $20 registration fee is due each year in August.

Fall semester:         August to December
Spring semester:  January to May/June
Summer:                 June, July & August
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Fall 2023 Registration

$50 per lesson

$20 Registration fee (1 student)

$30 Registration fee (2+ students)

 -Due annually with your first payment

We offer both weekly and monthly payments.

Lessons begin Monday, August 28, 2023! 

No payments are due until your first lesson.

Enroll anytime!

come watch the rock show!
All bands are invited to perform onstage during our Rock Band Show!

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