Musical Theater Camp

August 9 - August 13, 2021


Ages 7+

Musical Theater Camp 2021


Plot Summary

A lazy, out-of-work musician takes a job as a substitute teacher at an uptight private high school where he learns that his students are actually quite talented musicians. At first the students are reluctant to listen to a word he says... until he announces he's entering them into a "Battle of the Bands!" Watch the story unfold as we do the RnRHS version of Jack Black's "School of Rock!"

This camp is for ages 7 and up and beginners are welcome! Musical skills are preferred but not required. 

Musical Theater Camp is all about singing, acting, and having fun! During this week of camp, students will enjoy:

  • Acting and vocal lessons in the traditional theater style

  • Learning the script

  • Working through the play

  • Developing choreography

  • Stage design

  • Costume design

  • Building sets

  • Stage blocking

All participants will perform at the end of camp on Friday, August 13th for family and friends!

Camp price: $249 

50% non-refundable deposit is required.

This camp has ended. See you next summer!