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Musical Theater Camp

August 1- August 5, 2022
Ages 7+

"The Wizard Of Oz" - Summer Camp 2017


"The Greatest Showman" - Summer Camp 2019

Musical Theater Camp 2022

Greatest showman.jpeg

Join us for Rock 'N Roll High School's adaption of....

Plot Summary

Despite growing up poor in the early 1800's, P.T. Barnum is ready to make something of himself and prove to his wife's parents that he will become successful. When the opportunity comes for him to open a circus, he jumps right in and starts with wax characters. But this isn't enough for P.T.; ticket sales are low and the audience seems bored. He is eager to create something much more mesmerizing. He goes around town and finds the most unique, interesting-looking people he can and puts them on display at his circus. The news of the "freak circus" spreads around town, sparking the interest of famous playwright Phillip Carlyle, who helps P.T. fulfill his dream by creating the most magnificent show on earth!


P.T. Barnum

Phillip Carlyle

Charity Barnum

"Circus freaks" (Bearded Lady, Strong Man, etc.)

Anne Wheeler

Jenny Lind


Benjamin Hallet (Charity's dad)

Barnum daughters



Musical Theater Camp is all about singing, acting, and having fun! During this week of camp, students will enjoy:

  • Acting and vocal lessons in the traditional theater style

  • Learning the script

  • Working through the play

  • Developing choreography

  • Stage design

  • Costume design

  • Building sets

  • Stage blocking

All participants will perform at the end of camp on Friday, August 5th for family and friends!

"Grease" - Summer Camp 2018

Camp price: $249 

50% non-refundable deposit is required.

Camp is Monday - Friday
August 1-5th, 2022

Spots remaining: 0/15
Waitlist: 4/5


"The Greatest Showman" - Summer Camp 2019

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