Our yearly calendar runs from August to May. We hold 2 Summer Sessions between June and July, and then our year starts over. 
The annual registration fee is due each year in August.
Fall semester:         August to December
Spring semester:  January to May
Summer:                 June, July, August

For VIRTUAL LESSONS, choose the "Private Lessons - Virtual" option on the registration page.


NOW ENROLLING for Summer 2021!

PRIVATE LESSONS (Virtual & In-house)

$28 – 30 minute lesson, once per week

  • Vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboard/piano, & ukulele

  • Weekly recurring 30-minute lessons with one of our professional instructors

  • Offered virtually or in-house (masks required)

  • Two optional performances on stage per semester for family and friends to attend

  • Lessons run Mondays through Thursdays

  • Lessons begin at age 6 and we take adults, too!

Piano B&W

rock Band

$45 - 60 minute lesson


  • 60 minute lesson consisting of instrument instruction and band rehearsals on stage!

  • Rock Band classes take place in the evenings between 6:00-8:00PM

  • Beginner Rock Band (Ages 7-9) is for students new to their instruments or new to playing in a band

  • Intermediate and Advanced Rock Band (Ages 10+) is for students who already have some chops and previous experience rocking out

  • Instrument choices of guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and vocals

  • Live concerts on stage for family and friends to attend


$45 - 60 minute group lesson


​The Audio/Video Production class is designed to teach the art and technology of sound and video. Students will record, mix, and master of all of our rock band shows! They will also learn live audio recording, run a professional sound board, record bands, and create music videos.

Other topics include:

  • The science of sound & acoustics

  • How to use compression, EQ, sound FX, & auto tuning

  • Learning about basic musical equipment & cables

  • Creating a professional light show for our live rock concerts

  • Helping with social media live events

Classes are on Tuesdays from 5:00-6:00pm.

Maximum class size: 4 students

*This class is only offered in the Fall & Spring Semesters


$35 – 60 minute group lesson

  • Weekly recurring 60-minute group lesson with other girls your age

  • Choreographed singing & dancing

  • Everyone sings leads and backups

  • Voice lessons included

  • Two stage performances per semester for family and friends to attend

Monday class: 5:00-6:00pm, Ages 9-11

Wednesday class: 5:00-6:00pm, Ages 7-9

Maximum class size: 5 students per class

*This class is only offered in the Fall & Spring semesters

$35 - 60 minute Group Lesson

  • A perfect introduction to a stringed instrument!

  • For beginners, ages 7-10

  • Learn basic chords and strumming patterns

  • Learn songs you know and love such as "Riptide" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," plus more!

  • Group performances onstage for family and friends to attend

Classes are held on Thursdays from 5:00-6:00pm

Maximum class size: 5 students


*This class is only offered in the Fall & Spring semesters

Friends karaoke

Join us on stage for a night of fun! Sing along or rock out to your favorite songs with all of your friends, they don’t have to be an RnRHS student to come!

Select Friday Nights from 6:30pm – 8:30pm
$15 advance, $20 day of event.
Snacks and water provided.


Upcoming Event Nights:

Click here!

*Must register each participant online or at the front desk or online prior to the event.

Signer with Band

summer camps

Camps offered:

  • Songwriting/Recording camp

  • Rock Band camp

  • Musical Theater camp


The RnRHS House Band is an audition-only elite band and is designed to teach young professionals what it's like to be in a working band; everything from wrapping cables to being consistent and reliable performers. We highly value work ethic, ambition, band dynamics, and really using your ear to sound solid as a group. House Band members are the top representatives of our school and they perform all over town!

If you're interested in auditioning for House Band:

  • Practice and hone your skills so that you stand out above the rest

  • Join Rock Band for at least one semester (required)

  •  Let your teacher know you're interested!


Auditions take place in August each year.


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