What programs are offered at Rock 'n Roll High School?
Private Lessons for vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, bass, drums, banjo, mandolin, & piano/keys. 
Rock Band - Jam on stage! Includes private instruction for vocals, guitar, bass, drums, and piano
Summer Camps - Summer camps for 2018 are over, but check back in the spring for our upcoming camps!
Professional Audio/Video Recording - Learn all about the technology of sound and video!


Pop Girl Group - Singing, dancing, and performing for singers!
Youth Orchestra - Strings and Woodwinds for beginner and intermediate musicians! (Instrument rentals available)
Group Ukulele - An easier approach to a stringed instrument. For beginners! (Instrument rentals available)


We also have regular student concerts, open jam nights, and karaoke nights!
*Click here for more details on these programs!
What ages?
Private lessons are for ages 6 and up and Rock Band is for students ages 10 and up. Adults are more than welcome to register!

How do we schedule lessons?
Once the registration form has been submitted we will contact you with available lesson slots based on our instructor's availability.


Do you offer lessons every other week or once per month?
No, unfortunately our scheduling system only allows us to offer weekly lessons.


How long do lessons last?
Private Lessons are 30 minutes, Rock band lessons are 60 minutes. Click here for more info!


Do I need to/can I stay with my student during their lesson?
You may sit in during the first lesson to ask questions and get an idea of how the lessons will go, but having additional individuals in the lesson room can be distracting to the student and instructor.


Does the student need their own instrument?
We recommend every student has their own instrument so they can apply the techniques and skills they learn when they practice outside of RnRHS.


How do I purchase an instrument?
There are many factors to consider when buying an instrument. Our instructors will be able to answer any questions you may have and help guide you in purchasing an instrument.


What do they need to bring to their lessons?
Students should bring their instrument or drum sticks, RnRHS music folder, book, water, and any instrument accessories your instructor may ask you to bring.
How many lessons does it take to learn an instrument?
Every student is different when it comes to music and there is no time frame on learning an instrument. It depends on how interested and focused the student is during lessons as well as how invested the individual is in practicing outside of lessons.


Rock Band
How is this different than private lessons?
Rock Band is an hour session dedicated to both instrument instruction and learning how to collaborate and play with other musicians in their own band!

Is previous musical experience required?
Yes, we recommend taking private lessons first to become comfortable with your instrument before moving into a rock band.


Attendance and Cancellations
What if a student needs to miss a lesson?
Please notify RnRHS by calling 919-924-0506 or email info@rnrhighschool.com


Each student gets one cancellation per semester with no charge. Any additional cancellations may be rescheduled for a make-up lesson depending on instructor’s availability. You can view details on our attendance policy here.


What if a student doesn’t show up for a lesson?
Payment for the lesson is still required and the student will not be eligible for a make-up lesson.


Will you be closed if there is inclement weather?
You can check our website and Facebook page for updates on closings due to inclement weather. We do not follow Wake County’s closings.

How long does the semester last?
Our fall semester runs from August 27th - December 22nd and spring semester runs from January 7th - June 3rd. We offer lessons over the summer in two 5-week sessions.


Do you have to commit to a full semester?
No, there is no commitment or contract at RnRHS and you may join at anytime. We do ask for a two week notice before discontinuing, if you are unable to give notice two weeks of lessons payment will be due.


What are the cost of lessons?
Click here for program info and prices!


Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, additional 30 minute lessons are $25 each.


Is there a fee to join?
Yes, there is an annual registration fee of $20 due in August, or whenever you first sign up.
The registration fee is $20 per family with one student or $30 per family with multiple students.


How do I pay for lessons?
We offer both recurring weekly and monthly payment options. You may also make full month payments in person at the first lesson of each month. You can view our full policies on payment here.


Have a question but don’t see an answer?
Email us at info@rnrhighschool.com or call 919-924-0506