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Alina Gannon

Music has always been an integral part of Alina’s life. Born into a highly musical family and raised in the local church, she was exposed to the arts from a very early age. With experience in competitive and recreational vocal and piano performance, songwriting, music production, drum line, stage acting and musical theatre, she has explored just about every way to bring joy and light to the world via music. 


Alina’s teaching style is personable, dynamic and lots of fun. She wants to get to know YOU, and learn how you learn best. During lesson time, her goal is to not only teach you about music itself, but to mentor and guide you on your journey of discovering what music means to YOU.


During each Rock N Roll High School semester, Alina is committed seeing you grow in all aspects of your skills, your passions and your confidence. You will not only see lasting improvement, but accomplish your rock star dreams!


More on Alina: She is a 21-year-old working musician and church singer, a Youth Ministry Assistant, and a balloon artist! 

She has four younger brothers, and was homeschooled her entire school career. Her faith in Christ is where she draws love, inspiration and hope from-And she hopes this is evident in all she does. She has a heart and love for kids and teens, and believes in the advocacy of mental health awareness. Her prayer is for the world to know the same peace, strength and hope she has found from faith, through music.

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