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Vishal Kusala is a Vocalist/Pianist/Guitarist currently attending his final year at UNC Chapel Hill, majoring in Vocal Performance and Computer Science. Early on he developed a passion for Rock, Funk, and R&B which ultimately led him to a greater fascination of Jazz and Blues. While heavily Inspired by Jazz pianists such as Oscar Peterson and Herbie Hancock, his most significant musical influences include Stevie Wonder, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, OutKast, and the Beatles.


He also has first hand experience of being a student at Apex Rock and Roll in 2015. Apex Rock and Roll helped him get out of his comfort zone and learn different styles of music which has since influenced him immensely as a musician, it would be an honor for him to do the same and inspire a new generation of students.


Vishy is also a producer and is currently releasing music produced and performed by himself on Spotify and Apple Music under “Vishy”. He has also been in two bands, MODUM and the Crewtons as the lead singer and guitarist/keyboard player. Both bands have had strong roots in Blues and Funk.


As a Vocal and Piano instructor, he is very excited to have the opportunity to inspire his students by transcending his love and passion for music.

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