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Calling all vocalists, performers, thespians and regular ol' dramatic people! Join us at Rock N Roll High School for the best theatre Lessons!

With tons of amazing games, fabulous music, dynamite acting, crazy costume designing and more, this program is the perfect all-in-one intensive for anybody looking to break into the world of theatre. Students will learn the skills, terminology and technique needed for stage performance, receive extensive singing and acting training, and complete exercises to build their confidence before our performances! 

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Theatre Lessons at Rock 'n Roll High School 
$45  - weekly 60-minute lesson
  • Weekly recurring 60 minute lessons with our professional instructors
  • Students will learn acting techniques and music through our curriculum.
  • Two performances on stage per semester for family and friends to attend
  • No commitment or contracts
  • We have 2 classes available :
  • Tuesdays from 3-4pm (14-18)
  • Wednesdays from 4-5pm (8-14yrs)
Our yearly calendar runs from August to May. We hold 2 Summer Sessions between June and July, and then our year starts over. 
A $20 registration fee is due each year in August.
Fall semester:         August to December
Spring semester:  January to May/August
Summer:                 Jun, July & August

Fall Registration 2023

$45 per lesson

$20 Registration fee (1 student)

$30 Registration fee (2+ students)

 -Due annually with your first payment

We offer both weekly and monthly payments.

Lessons begin Monday, August 28, 2023!

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