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Avery “A-M” Gunn is a 25-year-old producer, composer, and songwriter. His love and passion for music was discovered and cultivated at an early age in church.  With the ability to create with extreme versatility he is able to standout amongst a myriad of talents. Growing up in North Jersey, he began to discover his love for piano and indulged in artists such as Bill Evans, Thelonius Monk, Oscar Peterson, and various others.  Avery relocated to North Carolina where he became heavily influenced by the emerging “trap music” sound.

While attending Elizabeth City State University studying classical piano, he began to expand upon different gifts such as rapping, singing, and producing. Artist like Timbaland and Pharrell became the paradigm for his creative aspirations. With his ability to produce, write, sing, rap, and play multiple instruments, many doors have opened in his favor. A-M has had the opportunity to produce and score and write for films such as “Drumline 3”, “The Perfect Match”, Honey 3 & 4, Chocolate City 3, Being Mary Jane, Gangland: A Love Story and many others. Avery is expecting and working towards a bright and promising future hoping to inspire and honor God with his gifts.

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