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RnRHS Presents:
Apex Idol

Rock 'n Roll High School presents: APEX IDOL

Contest Date: Friday March 3rd at 6:30PM
Location: Rock ‘n Roll High School Auditorium
830 Perry Rd. Apex, NC 27502


March 2017 Contestant Videos

General Audience Tickets on sale now!
$8 - adult
$5 - student and senior


Do you have what it takes?
All contestants are welcome no matter their age, gender, skill level, or primary instrument! Like American Idol®, this is a singing contest, and we are looking for ONE ultimate winner! The following pages will outline the details of the competition.


First place winner will receive a free 2-hour recording session with our staff producer, Jill Tufillaro. Winner can choose to record any one (1) song of their choice. Winner also receives digital distribution of their song on iTunes!

There will also be special prizes for 2nd and 3rd place winners!

Apex Idol will be judged by three local music industry experts. Contestants will be scored in the following categories:


Voice (30%)

Since this is a singing competition, voice and performance will carry the most weight. To receive a full 30% in the voice category, singers need to sing on pitch to the best of their ability and have all lyrics memorized. Vocal tones, dynamics, and emotion are also ways to improve your score in this category.


Performance (30%)

To receive a full 30% in this category, singers should tell the story of their song through performance. In other words, don’t just stand there! Dancing and costumes can also help improve scores in this category, but neither are required.


Video Shares (20%)

Each contestant will be required to submit an application video. Each video share or like is worth 1%. In order to receive a full 20% in this category, your video will need to be shared or liked at least 20 times (shares are automatically counted at the bottom of the video!)


Popular Vote (20%)

Tickets to attend the competition will be sold two weeks before the event. Contestants are encouraged to invite as many people as they can to the competition. In order for contestants to score a full 20% in this category, they will need at least 5 votes from the audience! Audience support (clapping, cheering) will also help improve scores in this category, so the more the merrier!



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